Don’t dream your life, live your dreams

If you wanna change your life, do it
If you need friends? Be one yourself
If you need to be loved? Love others
If you want to do something meaningful? Do it
If you want more money? Make it happen
If you are procrastinating things? Do it now

Don’t waste time thinking all the time what you want. Decisions aren’t that important if you don’t know what you want. There can always be doubt, unless you try and find out.

Be honest to yourself. Aren’t you just lazy? Start with what’s most important to you.
Her is how to find out how
Find the purpose of your life
There is also a great talk of Adam Leipzig at TEDxMalibu about How to Know Your Life Purpose in 5 Minutes by knowing five questions.
Who are you?
What do you do? – What are you best at?
Who do you do it for? – Ex. family, parents, friends, wife, husband etc.
What do those people want or need? – Why do people come to you for that thing you do?
What do those people got out of it? – How do they change as a result of what you do for them?

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2013-03-11 13.24.55

Aguas calientes, Machu Picchu
2013-03-11 14.03.052013-03-11 14.24.22

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Ice cream shop in Bariloche
Pizzeria in Buenos Aires

A typical site in Argentina. Pizzas and ice cream are so popular because of the Italian influence. They are tasty too!

Buenos Aires
Santa Fe
Rio Parana
2013-02-21 19.29.18
Iguazu falls

Buenos Aires – 
Bariloche and Bolson
El tronador
Circuito chico
Isla victoria and bosque de arrayanes
2013-03-02 00.18.52
2013-03-02 03.03.30



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Rio de Janeiro
DSC02036 DSC02038
Sao Pedro, Rio de Janeiro
Petropolis, Minas Gerais
Milho Verde, Serro y Diamantina, Minas Gerais
Diamantina – Minas Gerais
Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais
Brasilia, Brasilia
Campo Grande, Mato Grosso
Pantanal, close to Corumba,
Mato Grosso
Recife, Pernambuco
Porto de Galinhas
Sao Luis
São Luís beach

Lencois Maranheses

Olinda, Pernambuco
Manaus, Amazonas
Rio Negro, Amazonas
Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo
Rio de Janeiro


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Backpack tips

Choose a good backpack
My backpack can be made small enough to be handluggage in an airplane. This means I can not make it very heavy, which is perfect for not having too much with me travelling. I’m trying to bring all that’s necessary, but only what’s really necessary.
Pack smart: make things you need first the easiest to get to.

Bring your important documents:
Passport, visa, (international) driver license, health insurance card, credit/debit card, etc.

I suggest having one card with money somewhere hidden and having one card and some cash with you. I personally use a money belt for my important documents. It is invisible under my jeans to not attract any thieves.

Bring a mobile phone for necessary communication and in case of emergencies. An internet connection is not always available. You could make a list of important contacts and for other information you can use your e-mail account (if you trust it) or a memory card or online on a cloud like sky-drive or google drive.                                                         An empty bottle to fill in water is a must-have. They are easy to come by during your travels. Same for plastic bags. You need them for packing food (sandwiches) or dirty or wet clothes.

Clothes It is not important to have a lot of clothes. It can be convenient but also heavy. It is easy to find a place to wash your clothes. Small hand washes twice a week instead of a everything once a week is also possible. Clothes for more than a week are unnecessary. If you have friends or make friends were you go, they can provide you with some clothes for unexpected weather or help you find a cheap place to buy them. I recommend having two jeans (although one is enough), some t-shirts, more underwear and socks. I noticed that I had to change my socks relatively often to feel comfortable during hikes and long drives or flights. Bring enough.
Depending on your plans, you’ll need a sleeping bag or not.
When you visit people or hotels, you will not need it, nor your own sheet, cushion and blanket. And I never even had to use the towel, shampoo & soap I brought with me because it was always there. Bring something to cut your nails, bring a razor if necessary and definitely don’t forget brushing your hair and your teeth. Being fresh and looking good helps a lot with approaching people in general and it definitely helps with security judgements. Strange dressed young backpackers are the first to be checked by (Las Vegas bus) security personal; however, it can happen randomly to everyone. If you remain calm and confident and try to understand what they want you’ll most likely avoid an unnecessarily frustrating situation.

Some necessities depend on the country. Since the US is a developed country there are bathrooms and there is drinking water everywhere, so I never had to use the tissues and toilet paper I had, but if you travel for a long time or go camping, bring it anyway.
You could consider a little stove, a pan and things to make a fire if you want to cook during your camping trip.
I always have two water bottles with me and I bring food in a big bag with me (or try to fit it into my backpack). I would recommend going to a supermarket and buying bread and so on (but not for longer than four days because it gets old), instead of buying expensive food on the way. Sweats, dried fruit and meat will probably attract bears (but any food can attract wild animals, but don’t be afraid, just be informed about the local threads and prevent obvious mistakes).
Personally I like bananas and granola bars for energy and I eat raw vegetables like tomatoes, carrots, cucumber and avocado with a big bread and with a pack of cheese sticks. I also bring a mix of nuts for protein and energy and grapes because the bread gets dry and otherwise I would need a lot of (heavy to carry) water to digest it. That’s all I eat during a full day hiking through Yosemite national park and the grand canyon. Do whatever you like and test what work’s best for you!

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sunday december 1
Eindhoven, The Netherlands
After my special night at the Stansted airport outside London, sleeping on a sleeping bag alongside a lot of others who spent the night in the airport. It was a little surreal, the empty airport with people lying on the floor. After the short flight where I could see Zeeland (the shore of The Netherlands) from above which was beautiful, I was happy so see my mum again and to go home. It was really good to see my sister and my father too a little later. My sister went shopping with me for my birthday two months ago. I chose an agenda and she bought me nice socks… I mostly want things that I need, especially because I can’t or don’t want to bring a lot with me while travelling.
Till late in the night I did the ‘necessary work’, cleaning e-mail and making a backup.
But I also listened to the 4 hour workweek, about how to be more efficient with time and energy and where to put your efforts. I hope that educating myself and practicing it in daily life makes a difference. Over time, it probably does.

sunday december 2
Foto op 15-01-2013 om 10.34 #2
Eindhoven, The Netherlands
It was good to wake up at home in my own room. My father Ad and sister Anna and me had a nice christmas like breakfast with pastries from his course in germany. I talked with a very good friend Evita and went with my father and India to my uncle Frans and nephew Koos and he and me decided we would go out together. Later I saw my brother Sebas and youngest sister Noortje and nieces Robin and Selma.

It was a big pleasure.  It was so nice to see my sister again. When I spoke on skype with my friend from Austria Kilian and later with my brother Johannes who is in Spain, I later went to the Catharinakerk with Noortje to meet up with a friend Lex. We went to sit in an empty pub at stratumseind sunday evening and later to mac donalds. They were still open. It was a pleasure and Noortje and me cycled home together on my dads bike.
Now I am back in the comfortable warm home. Not feeling the need to wear gloves and a scarf.  I got a message from Eran. It’s so nice to feel so welcome back in my hometown were I lived for twenty years… It’s special to be back after nearly 5 months of travelling.

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United States

America, September 2012
Week 1
1-09 saturday
Oasis, close to Bakersfield, California.
Today the work starts.
We worked a lot; taking branches and big peaces of wood. Firewood, wood to cut to shreds with the machine and peaces to make a fence against wild animals. My friend Kilian and I had to do the measuring work and we made sure the peaces for the fence were good and that everything was sorted out well and done well. Sometimes there were breaks for water and watermellon or other snacks like granola bars and pieces of banana.
At 2 o’ clock we had a good lunch with mushroom soup and vegetables, grapes and chicken.
I think I got touched by poisoned oak, they were everywhere; little branches that grow on the ground. But we showered in this nice showers on wooden palets with something like a tent around them. There was tecnu; a special shampoo: After the work we washed all our clothing.
In the evening we ate rice with vegetables and rice with rosins and nuts.

02-09 sunday
We had breakfast; pineapple, watermellon, oatmeal with rasins and nuts, omelet and bread with pinutbutter, huney, jam or cheese.
Today we did the same work again. We worked very hard and efficient as well, and we stopped working on lunch time. The food was delicious, with salad with cucumber and avocado, white beans, spaghetti with tomatoes and pasta with pesto. Desert was different cookies and icecreams. Afterwards some people were talking about the Grand Canyon were Kilian and I want to go to later. It is nice to hike down (but it takes hours and you need to be really well prepared). John B. works with the Indians in the reservations which is interesting to hear about. Kilian and I were tired and slept a little bit in our tent. We joked about finding gold here, or making a living doing that.

camp fire
03-09 monday
 We had a nice day with John B. and Tom telling a lot of stories, and mentioning red necks and robberies from real life experience, that scared me. I should be well prepared, go to safe area’s and be careful and work on my instinct. And I shouldn’t sleep on the street or in a car because I didn’t grow up in the street but in a protected and save environment. John wouldn’t advice his own kids to do that, but he himself sleeps in the open all the time, but if someone is going ‘to fuck with him’, he pretty well knows what he can do!

We went shooting with m220’s and m38’s and a hk; automated weapens. Later we had some (powder) explosions.
We went on a little trip to see a little bit of all the land the group owns together. A lot of it has burned down two years ago and you can still see that very clearly.  But the area is beatiful I should look up photo’s on google. There was quarts everywhere. A lot of stuff is still there from the old gold diggers, even an old gold mine. Someone found an old bullet, it’s still like the wild west. There is no access to electricity, only a mobile connection with only one company and that’s just very lucky. The wild life, the nature is great. We have heared coyotes, seen an ouil, wood piccers, bluebirds, hawks, dear, ground squirrels and ground signs of a bear.

04-09 tuesday
 Yesterday morning Stefan, Dagma, Kilian and I had the idea that Kilian and I can go to a University in California (first we thought about Stanford, than about Berkeley in San Fransisco). Originally we would go whalewatching together and later Kilian and I would have a week more together, moving up the coast to San Fransisco, or maybe Las Vagas and the Grand Canyon.
The spanish and Cornelia go to a mall, but I want to do stuff on the computer and call Berkeley university. Tom is working, but wanted to help me with a plan visiting the US. He’ll have some ideas, and together with other people at Leslies house we’ll find a way.
This evening Stefan, Dagma and Kilian came, and we go to Leslies house again and we’ll sleep there. I swam a little bit and played ping pong with Kilian. It was so nice with all the friends from LA! I missed the Lataief, typing adresses among other things on my laptop.
Tom helped me making a map with places in the US to visit.
USA Travel Map

05-09 wednesday
I leave with Stefan, Dagmar and Kilian to San Fransisco
We meet John at Sant Luis Obispo
We ate at a good Thai restaurant, with very good food!
 Dagmar and Stefan slept in a motel. John, Kilian and me in Jessey’s student room. He had two very nice snakes!


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Day to Day
04-07 Evening walk in Amsterdam with my dad Ad and his girlfriend India, her son Luis and my brother and sister Johannes and Noortje.

On the way to Spain
11-07 First stop, 900kilometers done
1st stop France
The most beautiful thing on the way to my holiday in Spain was in the middle of France were With my dad, Luis and my brother in a van I was driving on empty roads next to the beautiful blue Loire with its green hills and castles, Loire, France sometimes followed by expensive looking race cars, all the way past Bordeaux, with the beautiful landscape of the Provence, with sunflowers and lavender fields.

In the Pyrenees the mountains were really impressive, but driving was tricky for me.
7bPyrenees, France15bVillage in the Pyrennees

Work on the road in the middle of Spain
work on the road in the middle of spain

In Madrid I saw the center were there was a protest against the big banks and the politics. Madrid is impressive, especially at night.
 madrid night

In the south of Spain in Andalusia were beautiful round hills, palm trees and golden sunlight.

Cadiz, sun flower fields
Cadiz sun flower field
Cadiz, the last part of the trip to Arcos
Cadiz1b last part of trip to arcos 14-07

2012 Spain,  Arcos the la frontera

arcos de la frontera
In the camping near a small village in Andalucia I had the feeling that I was finally really on holiday without the need to do a lot. I swam a lot, did some kind of baseball, cooked, sold products, worked at the bar, ate ice creams, talked to a lot of people and got to know people better.
Camping arcos
But the tension came back when I asked myself what I wanted to do in my life, how I saw myself and what I wanted to study. I was confused with different studies and countries, there were so many options. I could study philosophy, but why? Do I really like it enough? And could I just have things as hobbies instead of studying it? What about geography? Or ecology? Or liberal arts? Or maybe a combination with music? What about politics?
Do I really need to have a high universal degree or would I be happy being a rescue worker or travel guide? Am I a man for business? And what about teaching? Is it important to get rich?
And can I do what I really want? How do I find out what I want?
Tekkia Arcos de la frontera

06-08 After a nice time working and being on the camping I slept together in the tent with two lovely friends; with Aurora from Spain and the last day with Maria from Brasil.

In de night we said goodbye to her.

Finally I felt sure that I had more feelings for Aurora than just good friendship. She had some good response but I wanted her to know it, but I was afraid to tell her.

07-08 A lovely show at night with dancing and acting from the young people with also Aurora. Later I told her I wanted to speak with her and she went with me and I expressed my feelings. Her reaction was ‘I knew it!’ She wanted to be sure about her own feelings, she hadn’t thought about me this way. I had a good feeling about it and was happy that I had been able tell her.

08-08 Another day with sports, spending time with Aurora and watching a movie together. But I didn’t feel sure if I could kiss her and if she really loved me. But later it became clear she felt the same way, and we spent the next nights together in my tent.

09-08 It was the day my sisters and my mum left to the Netherlands, but I have too much other feelings to realize I’m gonna miss them for five months.

10-08 Aurora was working making pan cakes with ice cream. I spent a lot of time there and we had a great time.

11-08 Both of us got wounded on our feet, walking bar feet all the time, but her support, (and hopefully mine too) felt great.

12-08 It was the last day of the camping. Aurora will stay with a friend in Castillon for five days and we have to say goodbye for now. Her mother Antonia invites me to bring her away, and to stay at her house for a night.

13-08 The next day I help them cleaning the tea house and later we go together with other friends of her to the lake in Algar. It was completely abandoned after a while, and we were watercycling around beautiful hills and nature. The water was clean enough that I could drink from it!

14-08 I went with my dad Ad, his girlfriend India, her son Luis and my brother to Jerez, for Luis’s birthday. Him and my brother went to the cinema and the adults and me went into town and I bought new shoes.

jerez 16-08 Ad and India show me Ronda, a beautiful city with huge bridges and buildings that remind me of Lord of the Rings (Minas Tirith) and they bring me to a restaurant were we can see the city and the sunset.

cadiz 17-08 They also show me Cadiz, with really nice people and a beautiful sunset at the beach haven, walking on a huge fort, build to protect against the pirates and invaders.

sevilla 18-08 Antonia brings me with her to wait for Aurora, who comes back from Castillon to Sevilla. Aurora and me see the city and find a beautiful place under a bridge.

Birthday 19-08 Antonia is 50 and for her birthday my dad Aurora and me sing and play guitar.

19-08 – 21-08 I live with Aurora, and forget the world.

cadiz 22-08 Together with India, Ad, Luis, my brother, Antonia and Aurora we go to the beach in Cadiz were we have a boat, were swimming is dangerous cause I had to bring two people back to the coast and were I had so much enjoyment with Aurora.

23-08 I see Aurora’s friends in a swimming pool were I’m actually not allowed to be;)
meson de la molinera
Later she show’s me the lake near her house.
arcos de la frontera la molinera

25-08 We eat together with friends.

26-08 It’s the last day together. I feel stressed, I work a lot to pack my things and make this blog. But when Aurora comes to me I feel a lot better.

27-08 Today I arrive in Los Angeles and stay with a friend that I met last year in the camping place in Spain. I have not yet planned what I will do in the next three months…
Ready to go to the US


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